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Health Coaching is a one-on-one service to work on any health related goals. Partnering together, we can work on physical activity, nutrition, stress management, chronic disease management, emotional and mental health, relationships, social issues and any other issues you feel are impacting your health and happiness.

The coaching relationship facilitates the empowerment of individuals to take charge of their health. There is more to our health than what is going on with us physically. My job is to help you explore all aspects of health and how they effect one another. In this exploration process we discover
the areas of health that need our attention and raise our awareness in how to care for ourselves on all levels, keeping in mind the many aspects of our health. This process often involves setting achievable and realistic intentions for steps to take toward creating a healthier you.

About Leah Martinson; NBCHWC, CMT

Evoking Health and Happiness Through Coaching

Leah Martinson is a National Board Certified Integrative Health Coach with a Baccalaureate degree in Psychology and Certificate in Therapeutic Massage. Using a combination of her educational background and personal experience, Leah walks alongside clients to help them make sustainable changes on their journey to better health.

She has expertise in guiding clients as they better their life through changes in a variety of areas including: nutrition, exercise, stress resilience, sleep, relationships, purpose and spirituality. Through the Health Coaching experience, clients discover their own path to optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health by navigating how these aspects are connected and uncovering genuine motivation.

Leah has developed a holistic and comprehensive approach to coaching by combining philosophies from lifestyle medicine, functional nutrition, mind-body medicine, energy healing and intuitive healing. Leah‘s approach is personalized and meets each client where they are in their lives without judgment and with deep listening.

Leah’s intention is to help clients:

  •  Live a more meaningful and purposeful life

  • Become healthy, energized and happy

  • Be excited about life and the choices they are making

    “I started my Health Coaching journey in 2011 to help me better integrate what I had learned from my education in psychology and my years of practice of massage therapy into helping create a better life for myself as well as others. Now years later I’m still using my training and personal experience to navigate the constantly changing seasons of life.”

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